Top Disney Dream Cruise Experiences

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An Activity for Most Ages: The AquaDuck

Photo Credit: Courtesy Disney Cruise Lines / Jimmy DeFlippo

<p><strong>Top Experience:</strong> OK. The AquaDuck is soooo cool that it deserves a write-up all its own. You stand next to the ship's funnel, 46 feet up, then slip onto an inflatable raft and push off though a big clear acrylic tube on a stream of water that carries you some 765 feet (two-and-a-half football fields) along. Phew. The ocean and ship views are great, and the ride isn&rsquo;t overly speedy or scary, so even the more timid in your group can give it a go. </p><p><strong>Good to Know: </strong>Riders must be at least 48 inches tall. You swish along much better with two people on the raft (don&rsquo;t know why . . . physics or something). Go at least twice: once by day and, if possible, once by night. </p> <p><strong>Learn More:</strong> <a href="">Fodor's Disney Cruise Line Review</a></p>


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  • britgirl8409 on Feb 02, 2011 at 09:29 AM

    Tried to book this, but as first time cruisers we couldn’t book more than 75 days out, by which time all reservations at Palo and Remy on our cruise had gone !