Top 10 Vegas Hotel Pools

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<p>Of the nearly 40 million people who visited last year, The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority estimates that about half of them were there for pleasure and recreation&mdash;and no doubt a good number of them started their recreational activities poolside. The growing number of dayclubs&mdash;featuring celebrity DJs, celebrity revelers, and over-the-top cabanas&mdash;cater to those who don’t want to wait for the sun to go down to get the party started. But there are plenty of choices for those seeking sun-drenched serenity, and some great family options, too.</p>  <br> <p>With things heating up, here are 10 top picks for getting into the swim of things in Sin City. </p> <br> <p><em>By <a href="">Deb Hopewell</a></em></p>

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jillpaigehomes on July 30, 2013 at 5:23:46 PM EDT

Add #11 and #12 to extend this Las Vegas TOP Pool list. Off The Strip in the community of Summerlin is the JW Marriott Las Vegas' pool. Giant umbrellas. Waterfalls and shallow 1' deep spacious pool area for children. NOT crowded. Walking distance to Tivoli Village and Angel Park Golf Course. Day passes for pool access. Starbuck's on the way through the hotel to the pool. The JW Marriott is a treasure! The south side of Las Vegas Blvd. is The M Resort pool, another hidden cache. Beautiful, spacious pools. Kid-friendly swimming. Crisp, clean. Gracious staff. Great for visiting guests from out of the area and for us local residents to experience our own day to get-away.

madameX on July 13, 2013 at 9:47:43 AM EDT

You forgot my favorite -- Paris Las Vegas. Top reasons: 1. NO SCENE. No crowds of drunk 20-somethings, no ear-splitting DJ (at least last I checked in.) It's a place for the grown-ups. 2. GORGEOUS SCENE. There is something goofy-fun about swimming beside the Eiffel Tower and Grand Palais. 3. CROWD CONTROL: the area is very spacious, but they are judicious about putting out the chairs to accommodate guests. This means that there are plenty of chairs, but the area is not packed in with chairs that are not needed. Also, this helps restrain selfish guests who might spread across 3 chairs in prime locations, i.e sun or shade, as you like.

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