Top 10 Africa Eco Lodges

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Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya

Photo Credit: Courtesy Campe ya Kanzi

<p></strong><strong>Green Lodge:</strong> Campi ya Kanzi was the first camp in Kenya to be gold rated by Ecotourism Kenya for its efforts in sustainable tourism. It&rsquo;s also co-owned by the local Masai. There is an additional US$100 per-person, per-day conservation fee, which entirely benefits the local Masai community.</p> <p><strong>Full Review:</strong> One of the most environmentally friendly camps in East Africa, this lovely camp, whose name means &quot;Camp of the Hidden Treasure&quot; in Kiswahili, is in the Kuku Group Ranch, the . . . <a href="">Read more.</a> </p>

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