The Best Island Hopping Itineraries in Hawaii

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Romantic Escapes: Maui and Kauai

Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson

<p><strong>Why Maui:</strong> You&rsquo;ll find waterfalls, salt-and-pepper sand beaches and incredible views as you follow the twisting turning <a href="">Road to Hana</a>. The <a href="">luxury resorts in Wailea or Ka&rsquo;anapali</a> will provide lots of excellent dining and spa treatment options. And for those who want to start their day off early, there&rsquo;s the drive up to <a href="">Haleakala</a> to see the sun rise&mdash;or for couples who prefer to sleep in there&rsquo;s the arguably even more spectacular sunset from the summit. <em> Timing Tip: </em>Spend 4 nights.</p> <p><strong>Why Kauai:</strong> The north shore communities of Hanalei and Princeville provide the opportunity to get away from crowds and indulge in some spectacular beaches, hiking, and helicopter rides. At Princeville you can experience views straight out of South Pacific as well as romantic dining and spa options at the St. Regis Hotel while a drive to <a href="">Ke&rsquo;e Beach</a> at the end of the road provides innumerable options for pulling over and grabbing a beach just for the two of you.<em> Timing Tip: </em> Plan to spend at least 3 nights.</p>

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