The 6 Best New York City Walking Tours

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Lower East Side Jewish Heritage

Photo Credit: essygie via Flickr

<p>New York is a city of immigrants, and many arrivals between 1880 and 1920 settled on the Lower East Side, often in appallingly crowded and filthy conditions. Most of the immigrants were Jews from Eastern Europe, although Irish, German, and Italian immigrants also settled here. This was the largest Jewish community in the world in the early 20th century when almost 500,000 of the Lower East Side's residents were Jewish. In fact, there were five times as many Jewish immigrants here during the first decade of the 20th century as there were in either Philadelphia or Chicago, the next two largest Jewish populations in the U.S. Today, most of their descendents have moved out, but traces of the old Jewish immigrant life can still be found.</p> <p><strong>Start Exploring:</strong> Begin this two-mile route at the Eldridge Street Synagogue and Museum, and use our <a href=>Lower East Side Walking Tour Guide</a> with interactive map and turn-by-turn directions to explore the area.</p>

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