Fodor's Top 10 Stories of 2013

January 13, 2014 at 5:21:00 PM EST | Post a Comment

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At Fodor's, our goal is to write stories that stoke the travel passions of our readers. Based on traffic results, 2013 was a year to celebrate the natural beauty of the world around us. Our most popular stories found us scaling the heights of the Swiss Alps in the surprise hit Top 12 Things to Do in Switzerland, and diving deeper in 10 Great Scuba Diving Locations. We toured America's national landmarks in 20 US Places to See Before You Die and explored the wilds of our own backyards in 10 Best National Parks to Visit this Winter. We also headed indoors from time to time, compiling our essential cultural picks (20 Ultimate Things to Do in Paris) and researching hip new restaurants (13 Best New Chicago Restaurants). For a look at what resonated with you—the community—in 2013, check out our 10 most popular stories of the year.

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