Best Surf Towns in America

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North Shore, Hawaii

Photo Credit: Spirit of america/Shutterstock

<p>There's no better surfing in Hawaii than the <a href="">North Shore</a> on the island of Oahu. Just 45 minutes from the popular Waikiki Beach, the North Shore is home to world-renowned surfing competitions, and all the world-champ surfers have ridden waves here. Most head to Haleiwa, known as the gateway to the seven miles of the area. There are perfectly formed reefs and sandbars that create great warm-water breaks for amazing swells. North Shore is such an idyllic town for surf culture that the recreation is a large part of the shore's image. Grab a drink at <a href="">Surfer, the Bar</a>, where (as you would imagine) surfers come to congregate for post-ocean booze. </p> <p><strong>Stay</strong>: Check into the chic <a href="">Turtle Bay Resort</a> that sprawls 880 acres and is home to Surfer, the Bar.</p>

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