9 Best Wine-Harvest Trips in the World

August 22, 2013 at 12:29:00 PM EDT | Post a Comment

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<p>For wine lovers there is no better journey than to the Mother Lode: traipsing through sun-dappled vineyards or sipping wine a few steps from the barrel room. During harvest season (early autumn in North America and Europe; spring in New Zealand, Australia, or South America) tractors zip up and down roadways and workers pick grapes at a rapid pace, intent on bottling the best vintage yet.</p><p>From up-and-coming regions&mdash;like Southern Illinois and Montecello, Virginia&mdash;to laid-back Okanagan in Canada, North America alone is packed with options. Further abroad, spots like Porto, Portugal; Beaune, France; and Marlborough, New Zealand craft perfect wine-harvest itineraries.</p><p><em>By <a href=”/news/news-by-kristine_hansen.html”>Kristine Hansen</a></em></p>

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