7 Weirdest Museums in the World

June 19, 2013 at 2:45:00 PM EDT | Post a Comment

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<p>Dinosaur bones, Ming Dynasty relics, Monets, and mummies&mdash;at a certain point, museums and their general themes and contents may all appear to be the same. But how about a collection of accidentally swallowed items? Or toilets? Or…an overcooked shrimp kebab? </p>  <p>There are loads of eclectic, unique theme-specific, off-kilter museums all over the world, showcasing everything from creepy medical specimens to junk food. Here are seven of the oddest, destination-worthy collections around the world. </p> <br> <p>Don’t worry, Louvre&mdash;we still love Monets!</p> <br> <p><em>By <a href="http://www.fodors.com/news/news-by-lawrence_ferber.html">Lawrence Ferber</a></em></p>

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