7 Weirdest Museums in the World

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National Mustard Museum: Middleton, WI

Photo Credit: Courtesy of National Mustard Museum

<p>While serving as a Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General in the early 1990s, Barry Levenson experienced an &quot;aha!&quot; moment: he quit and took his long-running obsession with mustards and swelling collection of jars to a brick and mortar space. Over 60 countries are represented in <a href="http://mustardmuseum.com/">the museum's</a> 5,500-plus prepared mustards and related paraphernalia, plus a &quot;MustardPiece Theatre&quot; for video and live presentations. As much a store as museum, hundreds of international mustard products are available for sale (online, too), plus a fictitious &quot;Poupon University&quot; line of swag and Dr. Singha's mustard body oil and herbal bath.</p>

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