25 Awe-Inspiring European Castles

August 7, 2013 at 12:52:00 PM EDT | Post a Comment

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<p>Once upon a time, on windy moors or in sublime gardens, knights and damsels went for strolls, well-dressed aristocrats danced in grand ballrooms, and fierce battles were waged along the stone walls. Now this is the stuff of fairy tales, but the majestic castles that remain resplendent throughout Europe stand to remind us of how real these times once were. Visiting one of these castles transports you back to a time that was a bit more dreamy than today&mdash;and that’s why we love them. From stark, foreboding fortresses to operatically opulent palaces, these 25 castles are the cream of the crop. </p> <br> <p><em>By Maggie Gorman</em></p>

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