16 Best Beach Bars in the World

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Baba Nest

Photo Credit: Courtesy of BabaPhuket.com

<p><em>Phuket, Thailand</em></p> <br> <p>This fairly new bar in <a href="http://www.fodors.com/world/asia/thailand/phuket-and-the-andaman-coast/">Phuket</a> is a hit for trendsetting jetsetters. <a href="http://www.babaphuket.com">Baba Nest</a> is essentially a flat-deck platform in an infinity pool with unbeatable views of the Andaman Sea and outlying islands. The sunsets here are unforgettable, and most guests order an Asian-inspired cocktail (like a lychee martini or sake-based concoction) while socializing on the stylish rooftop venue. </p>

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