10 Most Notorious Bars in the US

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Esquire Tavern, San Antonio, Texas

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bucket List Bars

<p>When the Georges family opened the <a href="http://www.esquiretavern-sa.com/">Esquire Tavern</a> the same day Prohibition ended, it was doubtful they had any idea the dark road the bar would travel. During its long history it was a known Mexican Mafia hangout, bar-wide brawls were almost a nightly occurrence, and drugs and prostitution could easily be found. There was even a hidden VIP room where the intimate company of a lady could be had. During one particularly heinous two-year period, police were called to the bar almost 400 times and a regular performer was quoted as saying &quot;the bar attracted people that like chaos, danger, fun, and mayhem...&quot; Today the bar is under new management and extensive renovations along with a new identity, make it the coolest place to enjoy a beer or cocktail on the San Antonio River Walk.</p>

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