All Things Food and Drink: Week in Review

This week we are doing you (and your stomach) a solid with this all-food-all-the-time roundup. We’ve got Copenhagen tips straight from Rene Redzepi, we’re hitting the 10 best summertime food fests in the US, we took a deeper look into the culinary offerings of Rome’s Jewish Quarter, and planned your food-filled trip to Costa Rica. And there’s more, if you’re still hungry.


10 Best Summer Food Fests in the US

Summer is festival season, and there’s one in every corner of the US. From pig roasts to cheese fests and food trucks to cherries, these are the summer food fests worth traveling for.


Rene Redzepi’s Culinary Guide to Copenhagen

Rene Redzepi, of international and cult-status fame for his award-winning restaurant Noma, mapped out his favorite food and drink spots in Copenhagen for us. And now we’re sharing it with you.


Bangkok 101: What (and Where) to Eat

Bangkok is set to overtake London as the most popular city destination for travelers in 2013. So before you all head East, here’s a primer on what to eat and, more importantly, where.


Foodie’s Guide to Rome’s Jewish Quarter

Established in 1555, Rome’s Jewish Quarter has an long and rich history. And one of the best ways to discover it is through its most iconic dishes.


3 Costa Rica Itineraries for Foodies

Costa Rica’s main draws are firmly rooted in its landscapes—rainforests, beaches, mountains, and volcanoes call to thrill-seekers and nature-lovers. But foodies shouldn’t overlook the country’s incredible (and delicious) natural bounty.


Indulging in Spain’s Gin and Tonic Craze in Madrid

In Spain, the gin and tonic (called “gin tonics”) is an art form with carefully chosen gin and small-batch tonics often prepared table-side. Indulge in this can’t-miss cocktail at these five Madrid hot spots.


Top Foodie Experiences in Virginia

From breweries and distilleries to homemade bourbon cake and classic crispy fried chicken, you will not go hungry (or thirtsy) in Virginia. Drive an hour (or less) from its major cities and you’re in foodie heaven.

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