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Get insider tips and recommendations for the best sights, dining & nightlife, lodging, and shopping from the experts at Fodor's Travel — for your mobile device. With the apps' simple navigation, you won't be a bumbling tourist; Fodor's City Guides are like having a local guide with you every step of the way.


Trusted Recommendations

Search engines can't discern the bad from the good. We do. Just like our guides, our apps are curated by local experts based around the world. You only see listings that are vetted and worth your time, searchable by destination, price range, or category of interest.

For our top picks, look for properties designated "Fodor's Choice," representing the best of the best.

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Find out what's nearby instantly. See what hotels, sights, restaurants, bars, and clubs are in an area and access reviews from the map. You'll never have to fumble through paper maps again.


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Book hotels, make restaurant reservations, and buy concert and theater tickets through our in-app partners:

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