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NYC New Restaurants-The very good, the good, and crime scene tape is needed

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Recent Eats

This is a fabulous Filipino restaurant on First Avenue near 7th Street. The reason why the address is important is that there is another new but god awful Filipino restaurant on First Avenue near 12th Street. This is after one of the best food values in Manhattan called Elvie's closed when the owners some how the forgot to pay their taxes. It happens.

We have only been there once but this has the makings of a destination restaurant. So we need to return at least one more time before making that determination. But everything was sensational starting with free fried chicken skins that greeted you at the table accompanied by a variety of sauces. We had the adobo, bangus (fish in a vinegar wonder sauce, and sizzling sisig which is chopped pig ears, snout and belly and then grilled, boiled, then fried. I guess the Filipinos do not believe in lethal injection or that would have been done also.
The staff is extremely cordial and the atmosphere quiet and cool.
Cash only
Will keep you posted.



Ok, the name is hokey but so is another one coming up.
This is a small Vietnamese restaurant with no table service but with tables where you can eat and is run by a man who used to work at Nobu. Yet this place is absolutely affordable. We have eaten there five or six times and have not had one bad dish.

Two of my favorites are the Ga Nuong which is grilled spicy chicken and Smoke Pork Spare Rib Bulgogi. The spices are distinctive and delicious. Mrs Adu loves their Pork Belly Satay with angel hair noodles and she must have their store made lemonade.

The owner and the staff truly want you have an excellent meal. My only complaint was a chef in the open kitchen who seemed to have a twitch when he had a knife in his hand. It was more entertainment than fear.

It is one First Ave just south of 14th Street. If you are in the neighborhood, you should try it.


This is another hole in the wall on 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave which is Twainese. There are few places to sit which is my sole complaint.You must have their Chairman Bao (the puns keep coming). It is pork belly braised for four hours in Coca-cola and then grilled with Taiwanese red sugar. This is a spectacular combination served in a pale bao.

All the bao are small so should have at least two.

We also liked Birdhaus bao which is fried chicken and Haus bao which braised beef check served with crushed peanuts and cilantro. That too, is worth the price of admission.

And if that is not enough, they make two types of fries, Taro and Sweet Bao. The taro were not the least bit starchy and Sweet Bao was more like fried dough with a choice of sauces. Addictive.

The baos are all about $3 each and the fries are $3.50 each. Mrs. Adu has there store made ginger maple soda, which she loved but I found tout de suite. (I can add my own pun.)

They are already have a Jereny Lin special which should be a turnover. (another pun)

So if you are in neighborhood, try it.

Doug and Fodor's staff you should sample this place as a possibility to be added your guide in the future.

Village Taverna

This is a Greek place on University that has become an instant success. Fortunately for us they do not adhere to the austerity program because everything was oversized and delicious. The owner and the staff all looked like they just got out of prison, so I doubt anyone runs out on the bill. The offer standard stuff, but I had the gyro platter and the meat was actually plump and moist instead of being three seconds away from being used to mend an animal skin canoe.

As soon as you sit they slide a plate before you with pita that was been paninied and a dish filled with olives and redolent olive oil onto the table. Mrs. Adu had the Yemista, which is red peppers stuffed with ground beef and rice. The tastes were distinct. The baklava was not swimming in honey but took a cool dip and made it a perfect dessert.

Now for the worst.
The Meatball Factory, this is an evil imitation of the much loved Meatball Shop

There is nothing to recommend this joint. It is supposed to uber hip with a dimly light bar and young staff, but maybe like the Nazis they want to get them young when they know nothing and then they are theirs forever.

You are supposed to choose from different types of meatballs, heretofore called balls and then choose a sauce of your liking. There were three of us and all our combinations were like mismatched shoes.
The balls were mushy and the sauces were mediocre. This was like middle school home ec class run wild. We also ordered poutine which is Canadian dish of french fries with cheese, and the scrapings from a Zamboni.

We did not stick around for the desserts.

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