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Trip Report Do you know the way to SJC SJC MAUI Honolulu?

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Do you know the way to SJC-SJC-Maui-HNL, HNL-LIHUE, LIHUE-Maui-HNL-SFO-San Jose?

I am alway so amused to read someone's trip reports that start with such a flurry of travel activity;  he gets vouchers for giving up his seat,  almost misses his flight because his alarm clock doesn't go off, etc. etc.   That kinda stuff never happens to moi.  

I awoke at 5:30 a.m. before the alarm went off, showered, dressed, finished packing, made myself a nice piece of whole wheat toast with almond butter and cherry jam, and casually drank my cappuccino.  The taxi arrived on time, and we were off!

 We arrived at 8 a.m. for a 10 a.m. HI Air flight to Honolulu.  We had gotten there early to beat the crowds.  Uhh, lets say the place was almost deserted.  There was no one in line at HI Air and a HI Air Rep was motioning us over to her counter.  "You missed your flight."  What, we looked puzzled.  Our flight isn't until 10 a.m.  to Honolulu.  "There is no flight to Honolulu today; only on Sunday, Wednesday, and (I think she said) Friday.  Didn't you get an email?  The flight to Maui has already left."

Uhh, well, that certain someone in charge of this trip denied that he had received any email from HI Air.  Looking up our info she said "There's the problem; no contact information.  Your Travel Agent must have been notified."  Well, dang.  Other person (we shall continue to refer to him as the other person) pulled out his iphone and began scrolling through his email.   Yup, there it is; August 8 an email from his in-house travel agent notifying him of the flight changes.  Dang.  No, there are no other flights to Hawaii today.  No, we can't use our tickets for a flight out of LAX at 6 pm.  No there is no direct flight to Honolulu tomorrow.  Dang again.  It is not HI Air's fault that we goofed up and didn't read our email (have they never heard of a telephone) but they will rebook us on a flight tomorrow to Maui with connection to Honolulu departing at 8 a.m.  Be at the airport at SIX AM because although there are 20 seats left we will be on-standby.  Dang.  Dang.  Double Dang. 

We taxi home again.  Boy won't the neighbors be surprised.  So let's get our story straight; HI Air cancelled our flight and rebooked us for tomorrow.  Anyone can understand that in this day and age.  We hop on over to Pete's for a latte and a cappuccino.

I remain calm and understanding after all Honolulu was just the business portion of our trip.  Our real vacation is to begin on Friday when we arrive in Kauai.  Monday was to be his one free day in Honolulu with no work.  At least he isn't supposed to make his appearance at the conference until Thursday.   Nothing fun like a Music conference.

I make some calls to explain to family and friends and then I hear someone else who lives in this house talking very loudly from his office.  I go upstairs.  Someone is READING his email.  Appears that not only was our outbound flight changed but the return as well.  He is on the phone with HI Air.  They are very nice...very laid back.  I can hear someone saying loudly "If we are in Kauai how can we be booked on a return flight from HNL- Maui-SJC?  Uh oh.  The agent cant understand how we are in Kauai because the flights are on two different record locaters. After much explaining, calendar checking, flight checking and trying to remain calm and polite we are booked on a return flight from Kauai with a FIVE HOUR LAYOVER in Honolulu then SFO and we are confirmed on tomorrow's flight and not just stand-by.  

Tomorrow the adventure.....restarts.  

Tuesday, Ground Hog Day 2.  The same taxi driver arrives to take us to the airport.  Good thing he doesn't speak English or we would have some explaining to do!  We arrive and see the nice Hawaiian couple who had the same thing happen to them except they were in Yosemite when their email came in.  We all make the flight to Maui and then HNL.

The taxi driver picking us up at the airport was interesting.  He was Japanese and had been a commercial fisherman until his wife watched the movie The Perfect Storm and said it was a divorce if he didn't quit.  His favorite place to fish was Moss Landing although he had fished all over North and South America (Pacific).  He said the fish in Hawaii was not very good because the water was too warm.  

Our room is ready when we arrive.  We have a nice standard room overlooking the marina and the lagoon which is lovely but not as wonderful as last time when we were unexpectedly upgraded to a suite facing Diamond Head but we are happy just to be here.  Someone is starving so after a bite to eat at the hotel beachside restaurant we sit by the pool and relax.

For dinner we walk over to Halekulani Hotel to have dinner and listen to the music and watch the hula dancer.  So beautiful with the sun going down behind them and the light sparkling on the water. We ate at the House Without A Key but wished we had picked Orchids because they have more fish selections with same music.  Someone has a Mai Tai and I have a champagne.  Dinner was nothing to write about except the service was exceptional.  They had the BBQ set up and were grilling.  Only one fish selection.

Wednesday we went for a walk along the water after eating our granola. Picked up coffee at Lappert's and thought it was very good.  I eyed the ice cream selection.

I tried out my new mask and snorkle as tomorrow I plan to take the bus to Hanauma while someone works.  Are we taking bets as to whether I make the 8 am or 9 a.m. Bus?  I walked over to Kuhio to find the bus stop so I don't have to search for it tomorrow.  

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