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Hotels - Are you being unreasonable?

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Haviing worked many years in various hotels it has become more apparent that guests are choosing to pay less but are expecting more. If you are staying in a 3 star hotel and paying less than $140/night don't expect 5 star hotel service (remember you get what you pay for). To bring those prices down the first thing to go is the number of staff on hand. Most hotels with less than 100 rooms have only one agent on the desk. That means they pretty much can't leave the front desk. That is why they usually have a large number of supplies at the desk so you can quickly come down and get what you need. If you wait until they are quiet enough that they can leave the desk you could be waiting a couple of hours.So here's the best way you can help solve your own problems.

Need an extra blanket or pillow? - Check the drawers or cupboards in your room.

Pillow too flat or too fluffy? - Unless it's a 4 or 5 star hotel they likely purchase pillows in bulk so they are all the same. Very rarely now are feather pillows used due to guest allergies. Please don't expect feather pillows if they are not advertised on the hotel website.

More than one lightbulb out? - Check the lamp is actually plugged in (housekeeping may have unplugged it to vacuum and forgot to plug it in again).

TV not working - Likely the battery in the remote (drop by the front desk, they usually have spare remotes and batteries on hand).

Need extra towels - Front desk usually have extra towels on hand.

Need extra coffee? Sugar? Whitener? Stir sticks? Wine bottle opener? Lightbulbs? Shampoo? Soap? Stamps? (Yes it's all at the front desk).

Can't get on to the wireless network - Even some computer savvy front desk agents can't even begin to figure out how your personal computer works. You are the expert but they can give you passwords, email server addresses, and some basic assistance. Bring your device down with you.

Can't dial long distance from your room? Did you paid with a debit card or cash? If you did long distance will not be allowed. A credit card is necessary to allow any extra charges to be billed to your room (meals, room service, long distance calls, fax or copying services and sometimes internet access).

Incoming calls - If you are expecting a call try to give your caller your room number in advance. If the front desk agent is really busy they may not be able to answer the phone and transfer the call to your room. If the caller knows the room number they are usually given the option of just putting in the room number themselves and bypassing the front desk entirely.

Don't like your room? - If you are not specific at the time of booking as to what type of room and number of beds you need you may find that the room is smaller than expected or has only 1 bed. Many people think they save money by saying there is only 1 guest when there is actually 2. Most room prices are based on double occupancy so tell them how many beds you need. You can also request a certain floor or side of the hotel but a request is never guaranteed (if every guest wants a 3rd floor room then obviously some will not get the room requested). If you have special needs (elderly or infirm) then be specific why you need a first floor room or one close to the elevator or front desk. If a hotel has a good reason why they will try to accomodate you. The hotel may move you to a room on a different floor so you are not in the middle of a team or function going on in the hotel (this is for your me).

You can request an early check in but unless you pay for the room the night before you can assume someone stayed in that room and checked out at the latest possible check out time. So if you request 11:00 am and they aren't checking out until 12:00 then it is not possible to give you that early check in. You may be given an option of a different room than requested that is clean and available.

A late check out usually means they will give you 30 minutes to 1 hour at no additional cost. After that it may not allow time to clean the room for the next guest. At that point you can pay for an additional night (if they can move the incoming guest to a different room). Remember no hotel can guarantee or promise an early check in or late check out unless you are paying for the night before or the following night.

Is there noise? - Most hotels have a quiet time of 11:00 PM. Do not call the hotel at 8:00 pm telling them that there is noise in the hall or room next door. Be reasonable. If it is past 11:00 pm then definately call the front desk. Usually they will warn the offenders that if the noise continues they will be evicted. If the noise continues after 20 minutes, call down to make your second complaint.

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