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  1. 1 야간경마⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【야간경마미업】슈퍼바카라
  2. 2 서울랜드⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【서울랜드미업】슈퍼바카라
  3. 3 경륜예상⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【경륜예상미업】슈퍼바카라
  4. 4 일요경륜⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【일요경륜미업】슈퍼바카라
  5. 5 수요경정⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【수요경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  6. 6 오늘의경정⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【오늘의경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  7. 7 부산경정⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【부산경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  8. 8 인터넷경정⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【인터넷경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  9. 9 온라인경정⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【온라인경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  10. 10 사설경정⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【사설경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  11. 11 사설경정⎿❡⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄❡⏋【사설경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  12. 12 사설경정⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【사설경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  13. 13 사설경정⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【사설경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  14. 14 사설경정⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【사설경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  15. 15 사설경정⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【사설경정미업】슈퍼바카라
  16. 16 종류⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【종류미업】슈퍼바카라
  17. 17 골드레이스⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【골드레이스미업】슈퍼바카라
  18. 18 제주레이스⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【제주레이스미업】슈퍼바카라
  19. 19 부산레이스⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【부산레이스미업】슈퍼바카라
  20. 20 서울레이스⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【서울레이스미업】슈퍼바카라
  21. 21 야간경마⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【야간경마미업】슈퍼바카라
  22. 22 서울랜드⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【서울랜드미업】슈퍼바카라
  23. 23 경륜예상⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【경륜예상미업】슈퍼바카라
  24. 24 일요경륜⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【일요경륜미업】슈퍼바카라
  25. 25 수요경정⎿π⁄ HAL26.UY.TO ⁄π⏋【수요경정미업】슈퍼바카라
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An Inconvenient Truth - have you seen the movie?

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The movie "An Inconvenient Truth" has just been released at the movies here and I'm thinking about seeing it. It is getting mixed reviews here and from what I understand the information that Al Gore presents is not always "balanced". But I don't really think it matters that is just great that there is a mainstream movie out there that focus on environmental questions and hopefully it will make consumers think a little bit about this in the future. I have a sister in the US and when I asked her who she would vote for in the presidential election (if she could vote) she said Bush because Al Gore was a "tree hugger"...I guess she was right :d

Have you guys seen the movie and what do you think of it?

Gard - trip reports and pictures

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