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  • Last trip
  • Next trip
    New Zealand
  • Favorite destinations
    Too many to list
  • Destination wishlist
    Many, many more
  • Best travel tip
    Knowing where and when to go is very important... but knowing WHY comes first.
  • Favorite hotel
    Peninsula Bangkok
  • Never travels without
    20" rollaway, a sturdy backpack, my iPhone, and some comfy shoes
  • All-time best travel moment
    A summer night in 2001, in the small lounge at the Hotel Gletschergarden in Grindelwald, Switzerland. A random band of happy travelers from around the world congregated around the piano for copious wine and song, well into the small hours of morning.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Music, walking, reading, writing, cooking, eating, drinking, laughing, loving, etc.
  • Quote
    From Moab to Monemvasia, and all points in between / In crowded cities, lonely trails and hamlets set in green, /
    I hear the echoes of my sweet home in every place I've been. /
    And I catch a glimpse of my truer self in every face I've seen.
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