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About Grassshopper

  • Current location
    San Francisco Bay Area
  • Member since
    January 2007
  • Last trip
    2013 Sydney, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Tel Aviv, September, enjoy a typhoon in Hong Kong coming home from Malaysia!
  • Next trip
    October - Shanghai, November - Austin, Paris!, December - New Orleans, Berlin, and Prague
  • Favorite destinations
    Bella Italia, Amazing Thailand
  • Destination wishlist
    Viet Nam, Maldives and Maccu Piccu
  • Favorite hotel
    Hanging Gardens in Bali, Hotel Aminta, Sorrento or Villa Argentina, Dubrovnik, Grand Hyatt - Amman Jordan
  • Favorite restaurant
    Fiesta del Mar, Mountain View, CA
  • Never travels without
    A smile and a positive attitude
  • All-time best travel moment
    Riding an elephant in the rain in the jungles of Thailand.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Business travel brings such lovely frequent flyer miles, interesting connections and great airline status. Reading, Cycling, Traveling (of course), spending time with my daughters
  • Quote
    I want to turn left on the plane but right in life.

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