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What to expect on Greek Orthodox Easter

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First trip to any of the Greek Islands and we're so excited about finally experiencing the beauty, the people and culture. I know cruising is not the best way to see Greece, but it'll give us a good overview and we'll know where we would want to return for a longer stay. We will be on a cruise arriving in Santorini on Friday, May 3, and Athens May 5-6.

I've been reading what I can find about how the holiday will affect the city and what sights will be open, transportation issues, and generally just more people about, but most of the information is several years old. Can someone tell me what to expect on the days we are in ports during the holiday week? As I understand it, most historical attractions will be closed both on Easter Sunday and Monday in Athens. Transportation is limited. Is that also true of Good Friday in Santorini?

Also, we would love to attend an Easter Service and celebrations afterwards, but also want to be respectful of the Greek people. Would we be welcomed at a church service, is there a church that would be more open to visitors? Are there general festivities open to the public such as the roasting of the lamb, local observances or festivals that we could attend?

We're thinking that we'll just go into the city and enjoy the experience of being in Greece, but would appreciate any suggestions of events or walks that you might offer.

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