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Western Europe in summer - Q & A

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Hello fellow travellers!

This summer I will be visiting Western Europe.
I'm a guy, 29 years old. Coming from Novi Sad, Serbia.

I am starting planning now,
so I made a list of some important questions - so that your answers can lead me to having a clue on how to construct my plans in the best way!

Yes, I do know about searching the forums, I will do that a lot. But this topic will give me a great start to get the big picture and to know better what to search for, and what to expect.

My goal:
1) Visiting the major cities for 3or4or5 days - Rome, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisabon, Berlin, Prague, Vienna.
YES: just walking around all day, sometimes using public transportation, seeing the prettiest parts of the city, experiencing the city spirit, chill out & rest here and there, meet some cool people/girls, and go out at night a few times when not too tired.
NO: museums & inside of important buildings. NO caffees and restaurants.
2) Days that remain - visiting a few beautiful places in terms of nature. Something like...Alpes, Atlantic coast(France/Portugal), Azure coast, some beautiful village, lake, river or a national park.

When: half of July + whole August.
Money: ~4000e
Eating: basic. (no cooking) Just water, chocolate, bacon, bread, a little protein, sometimes raw fruit/vegetables.
Sleeping: in hostels ~20-30e?
Travelling: cheapest transportation options, but trying to connect goals 1) & 2) :)

Number of days/per state - maybe something like this!
8 Italy
8 France
9 Spain
7 Portugal
2 Belgium
6 Germany
6 Czech rep
2 Austria(Vienna)


Q Any suggestion where to start, which way to go, where to end? In terms of the cheapest logical travell route but somehow connecting 1) & 2) along the way ?

Q HOW BIG is the difference in numbers if I buy tickets for intercity transportation in advance VS buying them along the way ?
(I would really like to avoid being in tension and pressure to get to the station on time all summer...kind of ruins the vacation concept, and spontaneity.)

Q HOW BIG is the difference in numbers if I bookmark the hostels in advance VS finding them on the way ?

Q Should I leave my 6kg backpack in a hostel or just walk with it? (say in a huge city like Paris or Berlin is it more easy to just go to another hostel or is it easier to return to the previous one)
Which is more practical? (I'm good at hiking)

Q Since I will be alone most of the time, things I should avoid in terms of safety ?

Q Is 15e/day for basic eating - enough for this countries/cities? (chocolate, bacon, bread, a little protein food, sometimes raw fruit/vegetables) (without cooking)
Where will it be the most expensive?

Q Can I drink and GET tap water in these places ? Any problems with that ?

Q What is the cheapest intercity transportation in which country ?

Q What is the best public transportation in which city ?

Q Something special/exciting but "under the radar" for see/experience in some of these places...from your own experience? :)
(I know everyone's tastes are different - but please give it a shot - I'm NOT into glamour. I'm looking for underground fun - event/place, cool relaxed young friendly people and girls...)

Q Any random tips about any of this places I'll be visiting ?

Q Should I always use a map - where is it easy to get lost, where not ... ?

Q How far in advance should I bookmark a hostel and buy tickets for transportation ?

Q Some basic cultural behaviour that I should be aware of about some particular place?
Or when interracting with people from specific region/culture ? :)

Q Where do people speak english well VS where should I know a bit of local language ?

Q Cash VS credit card ?

Q Where can I do my laundry? How much does it cost?

Q Best night life among all of this cities ?

I hope you will answer some of my questions, it would really help me and other newbie travellers a lot.

BIG Thanks!


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