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  3. 3 Amalfi Coast, Italy
  4. 4 Trip Report 원정카지노후기 ■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■인터넷카지노れ인터넷카지노
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  19. 19 토토총판 노하우 【 'kakao: dnj2016●텔레그램 : speed2017' 】
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Trip Report We're back! Trip Report: Family of 5 visits 4.5 cities in Italy!

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We got back from our 18 days in Italy last Friday. Of course, I've been swamped with work since then, but intend to write a report on our trip. My reports are always short and I try to include only helpful information other travelers would want to know (and, ideally, that aren't covered by the guidebooks).

Before I begin however, I wanted to share some exciting news! My sister in law (who is going to Italy next month) was in the bookstore doing her research for her upcoming trip. She got bored and started looking at the Paris guidebooks. She was looking through the Fodors 2013 Paris guidebook when she came upon a page about the Latin Quarter. It was just a picture, but at the bottom there was a quote. Guess who the author of that quote was? Yes! Me! Check it out :-)

I have to start work in a bit, but I'll be back to start my report. Overall my impression of Italy is that it is a beautiful country, but a tad (just a tad) overrated sometimes. Before you slaughter me, let me explain. Maybe it's because we've visited so many other beautiful countries. I can see if we had gone to Italy prior to all our other travel adventures how I would have absolutely gone mad over it. Perhaps 18 days was a bit too much with 3 teenagers (oh the bickering). I compare it to traveling with 3 toddlers really. When I start my report, I'll have more advice on how to make a trip to Italy more fun for those teens. Others on this forum did offer me advice and I took some of it. So glad I did! Finally, I think it had something to do with my research too. I researched the hell out of this trip. I watched youtube videos, looked at pictures, and read, read, read. To be honest, I would advise AGAINST doing that. Don't watch an entire youtube video on the Amalfi Coast Drive. Please, don't do it. You live and you learn :-)

Anyways, I'll be back :-)

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