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  1. 1 A birthday dinner in Sevilla
  2. 2 Please help with planning Italian honeymoon
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Trip Report Weird trip - more time in A&E than sightseeing

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Not going to do a full blown TR but I'm siting in the lounge at DFW still with one more leg before home and thought I'd post a quick and dirty.

This was a quick 1 week in / out arrived last tues. and flying home today.

Had two terrific 'mini GTG's' - one with flanneruk in Oxford and one with PatrickLondon at St Martin's in the field, visited the Hockney at Tate Britain, saw Pirates of Penzance, had a lovey dinner at the Whistler @ Tate Britain . . . And spend 6 hours at st Thomas's hospital on Saturday and one hour at a walk in clinic in Lambeth/southwell on Sunday.

On the mend but that sure cut into my fun time . . .

Stayed at the Randolph in Oxford and in Dolphin square in pimlico, both were great.

But now all I want is to get home to my own bed with the stupid cat sleeping on my feet :)

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