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Visa for one Schengen Country, and traveling with EU spouse and children

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I am an American citizen residing in Portugal with my Portuguese-American husband and children. The three of them hold dual passports. My citizenship in Portugal is in process. In the interim, I have a visa which allows me to be in Portugal (as my 90 days were recently up).
We wish to take a trip to France on tourism, all of us together.
It is my impression that under Schengen directive 2004/38/EC I may travel with my family because they are EU citizens.
Our Portugal immigration agent suggested to write an email to the French Consulate to ask for a visitors visa for myself, stating that given the details, it would be no problem- just to have to show in case there was any question at the airport.
Upon doing that, I was passed around to more than one French Consulate (with remarks like "I don't know, do you?" between them), the final of which just said "You may not go to France". But I do not think this agent took into account that I was traveling WITH my EU passport holding family. I did not mention the directive in the email as I didn't realize there would be any question as to my ability to travel to France.

We have booked tickets (prior to this email exchange) and plan to be traveling from a small airport in Portugal to a small airport in France-- so, firmly within the Schengen zone. Has anyone been in the same situation and encountered any problem? I am inclined to believe the french consulate was merely being quick with a response, rather than looking into our details. I have encountered agents at many of the consulates we have dealt with that all have different answers when asked questions regarding travel. If stopped or questioned, I plan to utilize my rights (using directive 2004/38/EC ----I have proof of the connection, both with my children's birth certificates and my marriage certificate), however, given the unclearness of the document, I want to confirm that I am in fact in the right.

Any insight by individuals familiar with this specific situation or one similar would be helpful.

Thank you.

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