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Very Important update: Storage lockers - bus and train stations!

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I just returned from a 2.5 week trip to Spain late last night. I'm still recovering but wanted to write a quick post about the storage locker situation in Spain - basically they are no longer in use at bus or train stations.

I had a 30 minute window to connect buses in Girona 2 weeks ago. Buses are generally very reliable and this has never been an issue for me in the past. However, the travel gods were not smiling on me this particular day and my first bus was over 40 minutes late and I missed my connection. The next bus was not due for another 5 hours. So, I put on a smile and decided to make the best of it - I'd just put my luggage in a storage locker and visit Girona (again). The woman at the ticket counter in the bus station told me there were no luggage lockers. The train station is just next door to the bus station and one of my travel books referenced lockers in the train station. As I crossed the street I was happy to see the sign indicating the storage lockers. To my surprise they were covered over and obviously not in use. The Renfe agent would only say "no lockers" so I went to the tourist information booth at the station. The woman informed me that about 2 months ago all of the lockers at both the bus and train station were closed due to security issues. The only exception were the largest cities (ie. Madrid/Barcelona) where they could afford private agencies to run the lockers. I'm not sure about Cordoba as I know this is a popular day trip.

Ugh - how unfortunate for those of us who depend on public transporation during our trips. This will definately have an impact on my future itineraries as I often weave day trips to cities in between as I travel. I can't fault the government for this decision - it's just unfortunate.

Hope this helps others who may be planning their trips.

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