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Travelling with kids

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We are looking to travel august 2014 with 3 adults and 3 children aged 6, 4.5 and 3 years.
We will be flying into Paris. We plan to stay 3 nights/ 4 days. We wish to just see the main sights and take the kids to Disneyland for 1 day. Since we do not wish to do long hauls of walking with the kids, we wish to do a tour bus like hop on hop off. We think this way we can get our bearings of where all the major sights are without having to drag the children around for hours by foot. We plan to visit the Eiffel Tower and take our pick of other sights when we are there.

Can anyone suggest a serviced apartment in Central Paris that will accommodate us on a tight budget? Somewhere right in the middle of the hustle and bustle, close to amenities, shops food etc.

What's the best way to get to Disneyland and in particular on return when we will have very tired children and will need to get back to our accommodation ASAP.

I have heard there is a pass that can be purchased where we do not need to wait in line for the Eiffel Tower, where would would I find this information.

We would like to do some shopping but we are not interested in the high end labels or generic brands that can be found globally. It would be great find see some French designs. Any suggestions?

Next we will be flying to Verona to catch up with family. We will be only staying two days in which we then plan to hire an SUV or similar. We have heard that there is an option of either hiring a car or buying the car and selling back to the company after use. Anyone used the second option before? Did it work out much cheaper? We plan to keep the car for about 3 weeks.

From Verona we will be driving down to Pescara. There will be a stop on the way. Yet to be determined.

From pescara we plan to stay again in a serviced apartment for about 5 days just to soak up the sun and catch up with family. Can anyone recommend accommodation right on the beach close to amenities?

From Pescara we will be going to puglia. We will be staying with family here for about 10 days.

From puglia we would like to go to Sorrento. The plan is find accommodation in sorrento and stay for about 4 days. In this time we wish to visit Naples, Positano and maybe Capri.

From sorrento we will be driving to Calabria. We wish again to find suitable accommodation maybe in Reggio. Plan to stay 3 days.

From Calabria we will be returning to Rome. Not sure if we should drive or train. We plan to stay 4 days maybe do something similar like Paris. Hop on hop off bus and some shopping! Any suggestions again for accommodation right in the heart on a budget and shopping?

Any suggestions on accommodation and tips to make our trip easier with the kids would be greatly appreciated.

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