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Traveling from Sicily, Italy to Greece

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My husband & I are going on a month long trip to Europe and we are going to be flying into Sicily, Italy. We have a few countries we would like to visit but don't have any concrete plans. We do know we would like to visit if possible in Italy: Sicily, Venice, Florence, Tassarolo and then into Switzerland (not sure where we would like to go here but i have heard Grindewald is beautiful), then to Croatia: Dalmatia and any other places that are recommended and then we want to end in Greece (not sure where either) then we will be taking the Ferry back to Italy for our flight back home.

I was hoping someone would have some insight on places to go, ways to travel and if 1 month of travel will be a realistic time plan for this trip! We are thinking of taking the train/bus most of the time but I am not sure if it would be best to purchase a Global Eurail or just pay as we go since we don't have a great plan..

Any advice would be more than appreciated! I have never been to Europe so we are trying to make the most of it! Also, we are big hikers/outdoors people so we will be backpacking a lot of the time!

Please help!!


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