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Travel Channel

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I was reading the thread about Rick Steves, and I noticed a side comment someone made that had me nodding in agreement - the decline of The Travel Channel. What has happened to this formerly fun and interesting cable station? Most of the time seems to be filled with the World Poker Tour, and the small amount of non-WPT programming is mostly about Las Vegas. Now I know some people (like my soupse) do like to watch poker on TV, but it's not a travel show - except for the 10-second blurb about where it's being held - so put it somewhere else please! And if the folks at the Travel Channel are listening - Las Vegas is nice too but there's a lot more world out there that viewers might like to hear about. OTT the same thing seems to be happening over at the History Channel - come on guys, there's a lot more to history than just World War II.

OK, rant over. thanks for listengin.

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