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Transylvania Itinerary

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We are two families with kids aged 8 & 6. We are travelling to Transylvania for eight days in August.
We would like to spend a few nights around Brasov-Sinaia for sightseeing and hiking, some time around Sighisoara‬‏ (including villages in that area), and also to get to Sibiu. We would also like to travel on the Transfagarasan.
We are debating how to divide our stay in Transylvania, ideally splitting our nights only between two places. We would appreciate any recommendations for an itinerary, including family friendly activities in the area.

Thanks very much!

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    Hi gurgurb, can't really comment on how to divide your nights, but just wanted to say that you will have a great time in Transylvania!

    Brasov is a bitter city than Sighisoara and since Bran and Peles castles can be easily visited from there, you should definitely spend a few nights in the area. I remember reading about a bear sanctuary -- perhaps something that you might like to do. maybe it's interesting for kids as well. We visited three villages around Sighisoara and Brasov and for kids those might be enjoyable too. Church visiting can be a bit overwhelming (or boring ;) for kids, but the fortified churches in Transylvania are pretty cool. I am sure your kids will like them -- they are basically forts! Kids activities could be arranged in the villages too -- horse cart rides, visiting blacksmith, brick makers, etc. Something that kids outside of rural areas do not get to see often. I know that some villages organise cooking lessons. That could be also an idea. Joining a family to gather vegetables from the garden and then learning how to cook simple foods. In Viscri , Viscri 125 has a lot of cool info about workshops and activities. We didn't get a chance to use them just simply because we were very short on time, but if I had more time I would have loved to do something along the lines that they offer. The manager there (his names escapes me) was very nice at replying emails and making suggestions.

    Good luck planning. I absolutely loved Transylvania and wish everyone who goes there to have a great time!

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