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Train or Bus Service from Santiago De Compostela, Spain to Porto, Portugal

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I need some updated information on public transit information for travel from Santiago De Compostela to Porto. Can anyone out there help me? I've contacted Rail Europe for assistance, but published train times are sketchy at best and take 10-12 hours. Tickets cannot be purchased online. Are there any regional or local train services in this area that I can be directed to? It's my understanding that train service is possible via Vigo (about 4 hours), but published train schedules are uncertain and not readily available. Former blogs I've researched have fairly outdated time tables. I've also tried the bus service ( and there schedules are very infrequent. Can anyone please help me with my itinerary? My goal is to get from Santiago to Lisbon by July 24th via overnights in Porto and Fatima. Thanks.

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