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Theatre in Paris- English surtitles

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I came across this site while planning for my trip to Paris in November.

There are several theaters in Paris that are working with this company (called Theatre in Paris) to present English surtitles at plays that are performed in French. Sounds like a great idea. Current offerings include Cyrano de Bergerac, a comic production of Around the World in 80 Days, Irma la Douce, and a new comedy by a French playwright called The Lie.

I am considering this as an opportunity for me to attend the theater with my husband, whose high school French is a bit rusty.

I am wondering whether anyone has attended any of these productions or has attended any other theater offerings by this outfit. I am also wondering whether every performance includes surtitles. The website offers tickets with a surcharge over the price for tickets available directly through the theater for greeting the customer at the theater, giving a short presentation in English about the theater and the play, a program in English, and seats from which the surtitles are guaranteed to be visible.

I would happily forego all but the tickets and the surtitles if I knew they were available at all performances and not just at performances for which this company is providing services. On the other hand, assuming the cost of the service is helping to pay for the surtitles, it might be more responsible to just buy tickets through this company and pretend I couldn't get the same tickets for less through the theater itself.

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    I don't think it is every performance, but you could tell that just by comparing the dates available on both websites. The Theatre Splendid says it is "many" of their performances.

    I've never seen that in Paris theatre (I have, of course, for opera and am not crazy about the whole thing at all, but at least in opera, you have the music as the main event and what they are saying isn't that crucial to me). I just find it makes the performance much less enjoyable to be focusing on that screen over the stage instead of on the performance. But at least you could understand it.

    It does add on about 20 euro for the 80 days things but only about 5 euro for Le Mensonge (The Lie), and 24 euro for Cyrano, from the few I checked.

    But the Theatre Splendid (80 days) has a disclaimer that if you do NOT buy the special service, you may not be able to see the surtitles. I don't know how they can do that but it makes you wonder if it's just some TV screen in front of some seats in one area. And the poster for Le Mensonge clearly says English surtitles only from special seats.

    So I suspect you can't get away with not paying for it in those theatres, but I couldn't find any disclaimer on the Theatre Ranelagh website. But I really suspect this is obviously a deal with that service for these theatres and performances, so I would not expect them to have surtitles at other performances but it certainly gives you plenty of dates to choose from, so I don't think that's an issue. I just wonder how they can make only certain seats see them.

    ok, I read a newspaper review and saw their clip on Youtube -- it appears they are just over the stage, up higyh. I suspect the idea about certain seats just means that those can be kind of hard to read sometimes, and as with any show, if you had a seat in the far back or on the sides in either direction, you probably couldn't read them very well. So it's probably just that by the seats, rather than something more complicated. The prices I quotes were comparing the best seat prices both ways. At least on the dates I checked, several of these theatres already had good discounts on tickets so that's why the difference was about 20 euro.

    But I don't think you can get these special tickets for that service/special seats WITHOUT buying through them, the theatre just sells regular tickets, not sure what you mean, they theatre's own website links you to them. But if you buy a regular ticket with a really good seat in the center near the front, I would think you could read them.

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    It appears to me that all performances of the shows I checked are available with the surtitles through the Theatre in Paris website. I am just wondering whether they only display the surtitles on the dates people have actually arranged to buy through that website. I am assuming that centrally located seats will have the surtitles visible whether you buy from the theater or from the company. The difference is that the Theatre in Paris website guarantees that the seats you get through them will be optimally located to view the titles, at least that's my understanding.

    The dates I checked for Le Mensonge (The Lie) showed a much higher discrepancy than five euros for the most expensive category of tickets if ordered through the Theatre in Paris website, closer to the twenty or more euros charged for the two other productions I checked. If it were indeed five euros, I wouldn't be worrying about it. I will probably end up buying through the Theatre in Paris website anyway, if I can't find out whether the surtitles will be available at the performance I choose.

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