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The Ghost of Christmas Future visited me..."Lead On"! Paris Christmas.

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I can never stay away from Paris for long. ALright, no ghost visited me but we have friends that we encouraged to visit Paris over Christmas. They decided they are going, then I decided we just had to go, too. What can I say? I miss it. If I am honest - I'm a bit obsessed.

Our friends will arrive several days after we do and we look forward to visiting some of their favorite Parisian places. They were in Lisbon with us and we has a blast -so we trust their choices.

We don't have any absolutes here, but I am looking forward to a few things we have never done before---The Museum of Decortive Arts& The Baccarat Museum and maybe a return visit to Musee D'Orsay --it's been quite some since we were there last. Will we finally have that glass of Champs at Tour Montparnasse? Can I help it that Catherine B is really close to the apartment we are renting...will I find some vintage Chanel there?

Maybe we will make to La Defense for the Christmas markets. We are going back to Ste Chappelle for the Christmas Eve concert. I wish that the Ritz and Crillon were not still under going renovations - so ready for them to re-open!

I am planning on being much more serious about chocolat on this trip! I have been slipping on this and am committed to sampling & buying a lot more this time.

We are very excited about the location of our apartment and how much there is shopping and dining wise close by. As always, we won't even come close to visiting all the dining spots we want to try out. I am sure many of our favorites will be closed over Christmas but Paris is loaded with great restaurants--we won't starve. I may even track the number of glasses of Champagne I drink (and I may never tell anyone "my number").

Will definitely be checking out T/Rs until we leave. We are always seeking new Paris info from you all!!

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