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Study Visa and Schengen area tourist allowance Question

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I will be studying in France this upcoming winter on a university exchange program. I will be applying for the 2B visa which will allow me to study in France and visit other Schengen area countries for the duration of my visa - which will not exceed 6 months. I want to travel the Schengen area after my exchange and following the expiry of my student visa. The general consensus seems to be that I will be allowed to leave the Schengen area on or before the expiry of my 2B study visa and then re-enter the Schengen area immediately after and remain in the Schengen area as a tourist for 90 days (although I cannot seem to get the French Consulate to confirm this or find any official documentation of this on the internet).
My question is, has anyone ever actually done this successfully? Were there any issues when re-entering as a tourist immediately after?

Also, if I were to enter the Schengen area BEFORE the start date of the 2B study visa (approximately 10 days), and enter France via a Schengen area country - how would this affect my ability to remain in the Schengen area as a tourist following the expiry of my study visa? Would I be allowed to remain as a tourist for 80 days (90-10)?


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