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Southern Poland Towns/Hotel Reservations

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I am finishing planning the Poland trip my husband and I will take this September. We will Visit Gdansk, Torun and Krakow, but will also rent a car for a week to drive through southern Poland. We will rent and return the car from the Krakow airport. We need to spend 1-2 days (depending what genealogical research I am able to do) near the town of Zawoja. Other than that, I would like to know about towns to visit...we want to explore the Polish culture, nature, enjoy Polish food and drink and don't like things too touristy. I have heard of the Wooden Churches and would like to see some of them. My biggest concern however, is should we make hotel reservations? Will there be smaller guest homes available? I see so many hotels booking mid-September a very popular time to visit Southern Poland? I don't really want to stick to a strict itinerary, but would hate to have to worry about having a hard time finding accommodations. Thank You!