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Solo Trip for 22 days with Eurail from France to Stockholm

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I'm planning to backpack across Europe by myself at the end of this March. It will be my first time in Europe and my first time backpacking as well, so I'm really excited, nervous and a little worried at the same time. I would be great if you could help me comment on my itinerary below. It's very unlikely that I'll be able to afford a euro trip in any foreseeable future, so my plan is very ambitious and hectic!!. I just want to see everything within such a short period.

1s t Day : I've already booked a flight with Ryan Air from Manchester to Paris for 18 pounds, but I'm thinking if I should leave it and get a eurostar ticket for 31 euro, since my wheeled backpack is too big to be taken abroad and I'll have to pay 10 pounds extra and I'll also have to pay for the bus ticket from the airport for 12 euro. This is purely a stupid mistake of mine. Initially, I really wanted to go with Eurostar, because of the view, but I didn't check the price properly and I thought it was more than I could afford when it really isn't!!! Arrive in Paris by 4 pm.

2nd Day (Paris): I found a very affordable hostel in Zone 3 with free breakfast and dinner, so I think it might be worth the travelling cost. I will be in Paris for 2 full days, one afternoon and very short morning. I'm not sure if I should get Paris Visite for 2 days and pay for the rest. I plan to go to Versilles today.

3rd Day (Paris): Walking Tour (self-guided) and museums. I plan to follow a route on Wikitravel or other websites I can find.

4th Day (Paris to Nice): Arrive in Nice at 3 pm. Walk around Nice. Might go to Chagall Museum if I have time.

5th Day: Go to Cannes and Monaco by bus and explore Nice a bit more.

6th Day (Nice to Florence): Arrive quite late

7th Day: Explore Florence might not have time to see museum. Again follow the walking route from Blogs.

8th Day (Florence to Venice): Leave my bag at the hotel and explore Venice. I might get the afternoon Museum ticket.

9th Day (Venice to Innsbruck, Austria): It's a stopover from Italy to Germany. My first preference is to stopover in Switzerland so that I can enjoy the view, but it takes to long and I don't want to get there really late. I assume Innsbruck is also quite nice and not too big. Any suggestion?

10th Day (Innsbruck to Heidelberg):

11th Day: Visit Heidelberg Castle. I also want to visit Kiblenz, but I'm not sure if I'll have time.

12th Day (Heidelberg to Amsterdam): I'm not sure if Amsterdam is too big for a two days trip. Will it be too difficult for me to navigate my way around the city without feeling too overwhelmed or should I opt for a smaller city like Utrecht or Maastricht?

13th Day: Explore Amsterdam. Might not be going to any more museums here.

14th Day (Amsterdam to Celle): I want to take a break it a small town and Celle looks as cute as a button.

15th Day ( Celle to Copenhagen): Arrive quite late. It has always been my dream to visit the Scandinavia and Denmark seems so lovely. Even though I heard that there's not much to see there.

16th Day: Explore Copenhagen

17th Day (Copenhagen to Gothenberg):

18th Day ( Gothenberg to Stockholm)

19-22th Day: Stockholm. Then fly to Edinburgh for another short visit there before going home.

Due to the visa requirement I have to show all my hotel/ hostel reservations, hence I 've already reserved rooms up until my Venice trip. I got myself a 15 days global pass which I'm not quite sure if it's a right decision since I have to plan in advanced and can get advanced ticket quite cheap anyway (I'm under 25), plus the reservation fees can add up since most of my trips seem to need one. I'm thinking of returning it and get 85% refund if they turn out to be much more expensive with the reservation fee.

I plan to eat as cheap as I can, but maybe won't be cooking as much since I move around a lot, it wouldn't be easy to buy enough to cook for 1 meal without wasting anything. Am I correct? I don't eat meat, so it might make it cheaper a bit.

My budget is maximum 1500 pounds inclusive. Will it likely be enough?

I'll be in Stockholm during Easter. Will that make it really quiet, really busy or business as usual? Anything I should be aware of?

Sorry for not being succinct at all here. I tried my best. It's not my forte.

Thank you very much in advance. Happy New Yea! Best wishes for the year to come!

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