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Single Women Travellers to S. France READ THIS

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I own a small B&B in Nice & a most unfortunate incident occurred to one of my guests today. Her travel companion, whom she had met 5 says ago in Arles & travelled with to
Marseille & Cannes took off this morning on the pretext of doing laundry & absconded with her laptop, expensive camera, Iphone,bank cards & cash while she was in the shower.
I immediately took her to the police where we filed a report. With the information we had the police were able to ascertain that this man has not long been released from prison in northern France for theft. He is a known conman.
He is 25 yrs old, Hungarian, 1.8m tall, short dark hair, dark brown eyes,a chipped front tooth & very distinctive tattoos on both upper arms . He speaks several languages fluently including English, French & Russian, appears helpful & charming & never stops talking.
He offers to pay for accomodation & pays by (bad) check, with a Hungarian ID card. He preys on young female travellers on their own by winning their confidence & then abandons them having stolen anything of value they may have.
I urge all single woman travellers to be on the alert for this character. He is currently working the Riviera coast & with both the Cannes Film Festival & the Monaco Grand Prix coming up, he will undoubtedly strike again soon.
He claims to work for a windsurf shop, but when I checked the company online it is no longer operating.

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