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SIM cards - nano sim readily available ?

I will be traveling to Sweden end of september. I want to get a local sim to use for my 8 day trip, for some voice calls and data. The place i will be staying has no wifi, i am counting on data via cell phone and setting up tethering which would give my ipad web access too.

I have read that nano sims are not as readily available, but may have to be pre-ordered?? (When we were in Ireland, the store clerk simply cut a micro sim, making it a nano sim using a punch tool it was no issue). Not sure if cutting/punching a nano from a micro sim is a common or known practice in Sweden?

What are my chances of finding a nano sim at Arlanda airport or central stationen in Stockholm (train station). Between arrival of flight and catching my train I may not have too much time... What are my chances of finding it in any store??

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions

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