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Trip Report Short Trip to Usak, (Eastern Aegean Turkey)

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We decided last night to make use of the unseasonably warm weather in this part of the world and hit the road from Nicea to travel 315 kilometers to Usak, starting early this morning.

The concept of "early" has many different definitions for humans as well as birds. It also can get stretched by anything amount of time measures by pets, stray animals, banking requirements, medicine pack preparations, a laptop case left leaning against the screen door, remembered 15 minutes down the road and other items and events of varying virtues and nuisance values.

We woke up about 7 AM and then again at 7:30 and 8:00. Showers, partial shaves, grilled cheese sandwiches, map, notebooks with notes on hotel and route, chaining the cycles, searching for spare pair of sneakers, bumping into each other multitude times in the narrow common well-traveled areas of the small living room, buying the daily papers in town resulted in a ETD of 10:02 AM.

35 minutes down the lovely, scenic, route, the sleep that had evaded me earlier the night before hit me with a vengeance. I slowed down enough to move my partially shut eyes sideways to shoot a loving or possibly pleading glance at Eser to ask if she could take over for a while. This move had three results:

- I realized that I had not slowed down much.
- I noticed that I was on a viaduct with no emergency lane.
- I found out that fear could wake me enough for another few minutes of acceptable driving
- Eser was either dreaming of a film actor of her choice or that she was faking it.

It was fortunate that that disgusting American creation, "The Ubiquitus Outlet; was within 12 kilometers. The idea of a cup of coffee, a clean lavatory and some leg stretching exercises was enough to give me that final burst of energy. Thus, we made it to Bozoyuk outlets where the coffee was not that exciting but they had just the satin lcotton sheets eser had been looking for.

I am writingat 10PM after a heavy dinner. Eser wishes to show me something on her i-pad in the bed. I remember Anthony Quinn, in Zorba the Greek saying, never turn down a woman who invites you to her bed or something like that. So will continu tommorrow, possibly back at Nicea.

Tarhana soup
Extreme driendliness of locals
Old French style Inn converted to ???? hotel
$10 kilims

and much more to come

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