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Shellfish allergy

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I have a shellfish allergy and find that eating out is a challenge, particularly in restaurants while traveling. Many of our trips are to Italy, France, or Spain because my husband speaks those languages and we are traveling to Spain this September.

In our trips, we have found it difficult to convey to the wait -staff the problem. Part of the issue is that various people interpret “shellfish” in different ways. For example, in France, one waiter did not consider mussels to be shellfish or perhaps he just did not realize that mussels had been used in the preparation of the broth. Luckily, we found out about it before I ate the dish.

Now, in preparing for our trips abroad, my husband makes cards to hand out at restaurants in the language. Here is one he prepared in Spanish.

Soy alérgica a mariscos: crustáceo (camarones, cangrejos, langostas) y moluscos (almejas, ostras, mejillones).

También, debo evitar comida preparado con utensilios que han tocado a crustáceo o moluscos,
o comida con caldo o estratos de crustáceo o moluscos.

Gracias por su cooperación.

Do any of you have suggestions on either how to deal with this problem or correctopns on the card?

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