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I desperately need your help in sorting out my Switzerland travel plans.

I am flying in from India to zurich and then heading to Lucerne via train in the evening. Overnight in Lucerne.

Next day I will head for the round trip of Pilatus Klum and back to lucerne. This I will cover by cruise,cogheel, gandola, cable car and bus. Nearby local sights in the evening.

Next day I move to Engelburg by train. Further to Trussbee by cable car and continue to Stand. Next I take the Titlis rotair. Also keen to try the ice flyer. Back to lucerne.

Day three, I want to board a Panaromic Train, preferably Bernina Express or Goldenpass Line and finally move onto Paris the same night or early morning, the next day.

Need help to sort out these:

1. SWISS PASS: will it cover Pilatus kulm and Mt. Titlis? Are all trains, cogwheel,cables, rotair, iceflyer covered under this pass?

2. How is it different from TELL PASS?

3.Can any pass cover the panoramic trains?

4. Is it possible somehow to commute on two different Panoramic trains on the same day? ( eg; glacier express one way and Bernina the other??)

5. what is the best PANORAMIC train to experience first time.( I will not be heading to Interlaken and JFJ, should i pick a route there maybe?)

6. Finally, what is the best point to end to further move to PARIS, the same night or early next morning?

I will appreciate your help!

Utterly confused and super excited :)


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