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Scotland itinerary planning for June

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Four years ago I had a trip planned almost down to where to have lunch. Life intervened with a heart valve replacement for DH one year, then a 3,000 mile move, then last June the death of my father and subsequent estate dealings.

So I'm back with a few questions. I did look through about 10 years of old posts on my destinations. For background: in 1998 we came up through the borders by car, saw Edinburgh, Pitlochry, the Spey River and distillery areas, Craigellachie, Inverness, Loch Ness, Oban, and back via Lock Awe to fly out of Glasgow.

So the focus for this trip is Isle of Skye. I will look into flying in to Glasgow and overnighting there. On old posts I see Hotel Kelvingrove and Grosvenor. However, I don't know what the rates for these are. So first question -- any hotel tips in Glasgow?

Then, being in our late sixties can we realistically drive to Glenfinnan the day after arrival? Has anyone stayed at Glenfinnan House? Would we be able to catch the Skye ferry from there in the a.m.? I have a 4-year old ferry schedule, and could send for an update but suspect they are similar. Time to see the garden (name?) at that end of Skye then drive on to Portree?

Hotel in Portree -- Rosedale or Cuillan Hills?

I haven't figured out a per night budget yet because the $1.60 exchange rate is such a shock. I usually like a mix with maybe one or two boutique hotel splurges during a trip, and maybe one or 2 nice b&bs. Had a bad experience in Ireland at a highly recommended b&b. Seems they turn off the heat when you leave the room. We walked around Dingle in the rain and came back to a cold room and spindly shower. I ended up with bronchitis and pleurisy.

My original trip included Harris and Lewis then over to Ullapool. I decided to dump that part because the non-Sunday ferry schedules and closures sort of threw the whole trip off.

Alternatively, considering going back over the bridge so can see Eilean Donan, then up to Loch Torridon for a night, on to see the Inverwe Garden, and maybe a night in Ullapool.

Realize spellings here are atrocious but my notes are scattered.

Do I recall there is cheaper lodging almost next door to the Loch Torridon hotel, whereby one could still go over there for food and drink? Also, any recommendations for Ullapool?

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