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Schenghen Visa for Indian living in US on H1 visa without a stamp

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Schenghen Visa for Indian living in US on H1 visa without a stamp - REJECTED

A friend of mine got his H1 visa approved last year (got the 797 approval notice) but has not traveled out of the US since and does not have the H1 visa stamped on the passport.

He had to travel to France for some work. To be able to re-enter US from Fance he decided to get his visa stamped in Paris and got a date at the Paris consulate. H then applied for the Schenghen visa at the Boston consulate and the lady taking his interview said that his application had been accepted, gave him a receipt and said that he could come to collect his passport in about 2 weeks and check for the date online. He got the receipt and kept checking online for the date to collect his passport. But until two weeks later also his application status said "is being processed". So he sent an email to the French consulate at Boston and did not get a reply.
A French consulate officer finally got back to him after a couple of emails saying that his visa had been rejected since he does not have a visa stamp in his passport and that the appointment at the US consulate for stamping in Paris was not good enough!!!!

So basically after more than 2 weeks of no information whatsoever they rejected it and the entire time his application was just lying there with no one to tell him about the rejection.

The least the French consulate could do was to inform him well in time or atleast update their so called status checking link with some information. They do not even have a phone number where you can make any inquiries of any sort.

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