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Scared to go to Paris / Bag to bring

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Hello, I've been planning this trip for months. I've been reading stories about vicious attacks, people being robbed, pickpocketed. I know it's apparent that major touristy places will have pickpocketers, etc but I feel that I've been reading way too many stories about this happening. Now I'm not excited at all and pretty scared to even go. Am I just being paranoid or are there really that much of this happening? Anyways, I obviously am trying to be optimistic and excited for this trip!

I have 2 bags that I need to pick from to bring.

I wanted to bring this one more:

It holds more things in it, and in order to get into the main compartment, you need to unbuckle 3 buckles and a zipper. I felt that security wise, it's pretty good. However, I've been reading things against bringing a backpack. This one is on the small side.

I also have this, it can fit my camera, and it's a purse type cross body bag that may be more suitable to Paris 'conditions' -

However its much smaller and I can basically fit my camera and thats about it.


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