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Scandinavia Itinerary Advice

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Hello, I'd appreciate your help with a Scandinavian trip we have coming up next month. We've had a really hard time pinning down an itinerary because we have so little time--your advice is welcome. We travel frequently and are comfortable with a fairly fast pace--even traveling with our two kids, age 2 and 4, but want to be sensible all the same. So with that in mind...

We are staying in Stockholm for our first 4 nights (18-21, nonrefundable), and then we are considering flying to Oslo (night of the 22nd) to start the Norway in an Nutshell tour, staying two nights in Bergen for the nights of the 23 and 24th, the flying to Copenhagen for the 25th through 27th, before heading back to Stockholm for a couple of nights in in the archipelago before our last night in Stockholm on the 30th before our July 1st departure back to the states. We fly in and out of Stockholm (and cannot change).

Some potential issues: is everything closed in Copenhagen on Sunday and Monday? If so, is there a different order we should consider? Also, we will be in Bergen during the Midsummer festival (June 24th)... mistake? Any notes on this timing?

The other plan we are considering is driving to the Lake Siljan Region for the 22nd, through 24th, the driving to Oslo (yikes, long drive) for the night of the 25th, then Norway in a Nutshell and Bergen for the nights of the 26th and 27th, Copenhagen for 3 nights and flying from there to Stockholm the morning of the 1st (our flight out isn't until 5pm).

That gives us midsummer festival around Lake Siljan and avoids Sunday and Monday in Copenhagen. We'd miss out on the Stockholm archipelago but I figure we can do that as a day trip during our Stockholm stay.

Thoughts? Anything on these plans or suggestions re something we've overlooked are very welcome! We're a bit more last minute on this one...

Thank you!!

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