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Rome to Naples or Salerno for 9 Euros

Fodorites will be pleased to know that the lowest train fare between Rome and Naples (or Salerno) is 9 Euros, available only on the Trenitalia Intercity or Frecciabianca trains with a SUPER ECONOMY advance purchase fare.


The SUPER ECONOMY fare is non-refundable and non-changeable, and cannot be purchased on the day of travel. The ticket is "use it or lose it" Tickets can be purchased up to FOUR MONTHS in advance (as long as schedules have been uploaded). At the moment, Trenitalia has not yet uploaded schedules for the Intercity and Frecciabianca trains on this route beyond June 14, although the 9-Euro fare is indeed available through June 14 on these trains. Seats at the SUPER ECONOMY fare are capacity-controlled, and can vary according to travel date and time.


If you MISS your reserved train when holding one of the discounted advance-purchase fares such as the SUPER ECONOMY fare, you FORFEIT the ticket. For this reason, it can be risky to choose this fare when taking the train immediately after arrival by plane or ship (although forfeiting 9 Euros is not so bad).

When the 9-Euro fare is no longer available, the next fare is 19 Euros. However, because there are nearly HOURLY Intercity trains between Rome and Naples (somewhat fewer to Salerno), it is not difficult to find the 9-Euro fare by booking in advance.


There are only two daily Frecciabianca trains on this route. The primary difference is that the Frecciabianca travels nonstop in 105 minutes between Roma Termini and Napoli Centrale (proceeding to Salerno and all the way to Reggio Calabria), whereas the Intercity trains take 123 minutes and make three brief stops en-route to Naples. Frecciabianca railcars do not have the glass-enclosed seating compartments of the traditional Intercity trains (although the latter are slowly being re-styled to a layout nearly identical to that of the Frecciabianca). The Frecciabianca has a cafe car selling beverages and snacks, whereas the Intercity has at most a rolling cart service. The Frecciabianca (but not the Intercity) has a "roving washroom attendant" who is supposed to keep the toilets relatively tidy (undoubtedly with widely varying results). The Frecciabianca and the restyled Intercity trains have electrical outlets for electronic gear. Both the Frecciabianca and the Intercity take the traditional rail line which skirts the coastline around Formia.

The regular, "BASE" fare is 37.50 Euros for the Frecciabianca and 24.50 Euros for the Intercity (slightly higher to Salerno). The "BASE" fare is changeable up to one hour after scheduled train departure, and is refundable (minus a 20% service fee). (The Frecciabianca train is not a good value at the "BASE" fare, compared to the Intercity).


WITHOUT an advance purchase, the lowest train fare between Rome and Naples is 11.20 Euros ("Ordinaria" fare) on the unreserved regionale train (the connection to Salerno costs an additional 4.10 Euros). This train makes many stops, takes over 2.5 hours, and uses the traditional rail line.


Trenitalia currently operates 26 daily high-speed, nonstop Frecciarossa/Frecciargento trains between Roma TERMINI and Naples. Of these, 6 continue on to Salerno. The "BASE" fare is 43 Euros to Naples, and the lowest SUPER ECONOMY fare is 19 Euros. Travel time is 70 minutes to Naples, 120 minutes to Salerno. These trains take the high-speed rail line between Rome and Naples.

Arch rival ITALO TRENO operates only fast trains between Roma TIBURTINA and Naples/Salerno. The "BASE" fare to Naples is 40.50 Euros, and the lowest fare is 19 Euros. Currently, there are 11 trains to Naples and 8 trains to Salerno. ITALO trains take the high-speed rail line between Rome and Naples.


On Trenitalia, children between the ages of 4 years, 1 day and 15 years, 0 days, travel at a 50% reduction on the RESERVED trains. The 50% reduction is applied to the "BASE" fare as well as the discounted fares (but can never be lower than 9 Euros). On the unreserved regionale train, the reduction is also 50% (5.60 Euros between Rome and Naples), but the upper age limit is 12 years, 0 days. Toddlers up to the age of 4 years, 0 days always travel free on ALL Trenitalia trains, without a ticket and without a guaranteed seat. Trenitalia also has a "BIMBI GRATIS" fare on the RESERVED trains, where children travel free with at least one adult paying the "BASE" fare. The "BIMBI GRATIS" fare is capacity-controlled, but does not require an advance purchase.

NOTE: Trenitalia RESERVED trains include the Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca and Intercity.

Children's fares on ITALO vary according to fare type (consult the website).

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