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Quick trip to Southern Spain - too much hassle?

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I'm planning to take my daughter to visit family in England next spring and as lovely as that will be, since I've been to England a number of times before, I was hoping to squeeze in a side trip to another destination on my travel bucket list. I've set my sights on visiting Alhambra in Granada.

Given where we'll be and our other obligations, I've got a number of constraints: I have to fly in/out of Gatwick and I only have 3 nights to work with. Based on some initial research, it seems like the easiest (and cheapest) thing to do is to fly to Malaga and stay there 3 nights, touring Alhambra as a day trip and finding other things to do in and around Malaga. However, I'm sorely tempted to fly into Malaga and out of Seville -- which would lend itself to doing one night in Malaga, one night in Granada, and then the final night in Seville. I would not rent a car, but take the bus to Granada and then the train to Seville.

Is the hassle worth the reward? I am not likely to get back to Spain anytime soon, if ever, so the "save Seville to next time" isn't really helpful. However, it is Alhambra that's on the bucket list and I want to be able to fully enjoy it. What would you do?

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