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Problem rentals with Simedia RE

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SimediaRE. This post is a brief overview of our experience with Simedia RE, With contact information based in Italy. I am looking for any information or comments- agreeing or not- about this company, as I still look forward to recovering my money.

My family had 2 reservations with Simedia- both in Paris, and both in the first week of January, 2012. I booked one apartment for my family of 5, and my father-in-law booked another for he and his wife. We found both of these online using Flipkey. Flipkey tells me they have removed all postings for Simedia RE and it’s alleged properties, and will no longer conduct business with them.

The first reservation was for an apartment in the first arrondissment of Paris. After a long and painful email exchange, I wired the full amount to a bank account in Milan, Italy. 2 days before we arrived in Paris we received an email telling us we had been re-located to a similar apartment. It was not an apartment but rather a hotel, it was in the 11th, and we had to make numerous changes to our itinerary and dining plans as the hotel did not offer the amenities promised when we booked a rental apartment. Simedia no longer answers our emails or phone calls.

That story pales in comparison to my father-in-law’s. He also wired the money directly. He was never contacted again, and upon arriving in Paris, discovered there was no such apartment in existence. This is correct: they left a 75 year-old couple on the street in Paris, middle of winter, no contact information or contact person, after taking their money the week before. This, for me, describes perfectly the kind of person/people we’re dealing with, no matter WHAT their story is after the fact.

Any questions about Simedia or it’s operations, feel free to email me at I have numerous similar/identical stories from other victims of this operation, and I'm working to have the proper legal steps taken in Italy.

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    Honestly I find it abhorrent that LonelyPlanet or sites such as TripAdvisor, allow its users to post personal attacks of this kind.
    Dear Sir Chinashark, in light of the facts here the only criminal who commits a crime in the light of the sun is her. She's insulting and slandering a company SimediaRE on a public site with great mass distribution, without the company's knowledge and can defend themselves. This behavior, if contested in front of the authorities and sued, can cost you and LonelyPlanet, many thousands of dollars.
    If she was right, had to shut up and sue the company, from which he said has been wrong.

    The profile is clearly that of the stalker, an insecure and troubled, are numerous posts attack against SiMedia RE on Flipkey, LonelyPlanet Tripadvisor, Fodors, Ripoffreport, where evil intent is signed Chinashark and leave a contact email, which is easy to see that you can call Michael Thomas O'Dell.

    The insult and defamation are criminal offenses, where there will not only damages for pain and suffering, but also imprisonment.
    In front of many people is vilified so much more serious the offense.

    Furthermore I would like to point out as TripAdvisor and other sites to adopt a purely political party and popular, allowing its users to post any feedbeck on a specific hotel or apartment, which has not even the right of reply or turn evaluate the education and the creditworthiness of customers, as opposed to serious sites such as Ebay.

    There are often cases of customers who make reservations believing it is not real because they are made through internet, or in other cases where, after having made a reservation would cancel it for some problems, but the policy of reservation can not allow a refund, or even after paying The first payment will not have the money to pay the balance after some time, where other cases to make a reservation you must provide a credit card and some prepaid customers enter without money, incomplete or even wrong voluntarily.

    I just want to put myself in the impartiality, and also on the part of companies like SiMedia RE work through internet, with credit cards and secure payment systems like PayPal, and with reservations are confirmed and unpaid bills, are exposed not only to business risks, but also of fraud by unscrupulous customers it moral ethics.
    In addition to the offenses and the media pillory to which these firms are exposed, without any right of reply on the sites of mass diffusion, visited by millions every day presone as TripAdvisor, which grant their users the ability to publish anything without censored moderation, most often without the knowledge of the company in question.


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