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Please help with Amalfi Coast itinerary

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Hello all! Trying to quickly put together a trip to Amalfi Coast in mid-June. Things are selling out fast, so I feel pressured to make some decisions as soon as possible. I know I need to do more research, but don't feel like I have time to do so now - I need to book hotels!

We are two couples traveling from the US, flying into/out of Rome (Naples return trip flight would be a nightmare, so this is the best airport). We’d arrive around 10:30 AM.

One big reason for coming to this area is for my friend to visit the town of her ancestors – Vietri Sul Mare. She doesn’t know any family there – just wants to see it. Other than that, some easy hikes, see the sights, relax in cafes, eat good food and enjoy the wine, etc.

I’m open to suggestions, but here's the itinerary I’ve pulled together:

Stay in Amalfi for 5 nights - visit Positano, Ravello, perhaps hire a driver for a day to visit Vietri Sul Mare and other towns or a winery?

Then go to Capri for 2 nights

Take a morning ferry to Naples from Capri in the morning and take the train to Rome. Spend the afternoon wandering an interesting neighborhood, and have a great dinner.

Leave for home the next day (12:30 PM)

Again, I’m open to suggestions as to how to make this a better itinerary.

Thanks all!

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