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Please help me choose between final 2 apartments

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I've been researching Paris apartments for what seems like forever, and I thought I'd made my choice for my January - March, 2013 trip. Now, however, I've found another apartment that seems to suit my needs and am trying to decide between these two finalists.

On Rue Monge:…

On Rue du Cherche-Midi:

For this trip, I will be solo, and will be studying French at one of the established schools (haven't decided, but am leaning towards Alliance Francaise). Other than improving my French skills, I hope to live as a Parisienne as much as I can, visiting markets and cooking in the flat, joining conversation groups, hanging at cafes, and doing lots and lots of exploring of neighborhoods and cultural sites on my own---especially off the beaten path places I've never had the time to see on shorter trips. Oh---and drinking copious amounts of French wine, of course.

The prices posted on the websites really don't apply, as I've received a very good long-term deal on both flats. When all is tallied, I anticipate the Rue Monge will cost about 10% more than Cherche-Midi. That isn't a deal breaker for me.

My thoughts on the main differences between the two:

Rue Monge: is a bit bigger, better view (with elevator), separate WC for guests, wall mounted shower in tub, includes weekly cleaning, but charges for monthly electricity.

Cherche Midi: has that warm fuzzy "old" Paris look, even though fully restored; 1st floor walkup; price is bit cheaper; love this street and area; doesn't charge for monthly electricity (other apt does), but doesn't include any cleaning other than out-clean.

Both agencies have been professional and prompt in my inquiries, and both receive positive reviews online.

I would appreciate any comments you good people have to help me finalize my decision.

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